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Children of Kapan Schule

Kapan, Kathmandu

Verein Children of Kapan

Lech, Austria

How to Support

Donations and school sponsorships

You can support Children of Kapan financially via a one-off donation or by becoming a sponsor of a scholarship. A scholarship amounts to € 50 per month and ensures that one child can join the kindergarden / school for free. For any further questions about the scholarship, please reach out to us!

Membership in association „Children of Kapan“

We would also be happy to welcome you as a member of the non-profit organisation „Children of Kapan“. The membership fee amounts to € 100 per year. For subscribing as a member of the association, please use this membership form.

In addition to the donations from scholarships and memberships, the charity further initiates fundraising events. Please find more information on recent events and other activities of the charity here.

Bank Details - Children of Kapan

Raiffeisenbank Lech

IBAN: AT083744900000118000


Volksbank Lech

IBAN: AT244571000460301152


Sparkasse Bludenz

IBAN: AT502060703201274010


Hypobank Lech

IBAN: AT325800018420851126


Please note that Children of Kapan will be formally acknowledged as non-profit organisation by end of 2020 the earliest due to Austrian regulations.