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Children of Kapan Schule

Kapan, Kathmandu

Verein Children of Kapan

Lech, Austria

The Charity

The Charity of Children of Kapan has been founded in 2017 by Brigitte and Reinhard Muxel in Lech, Austria. The purpose of the Charity is to financially support the kindergarden and the school to improve education in Nepal in a sustainable way.

All the funds collected by the Charity are used 100% for the kindergarden and the school. Apart from investing in the infrastructure and paying the salaries of the staff, the hosting and transportation of the children is paid for as well. Moreover, a major part of the funds is used for scholarships for the children living in families that cannot afford the admission to the kindergarden or school.

Children of Kapan wants to make sure that the operations of the kindergarden and school can be ensured for the next years. Furthermore, it is intended to expand the capacity of the kindergarden and school to cover 10 years of school. For this, additional investments are required. Consequently, the Charity of Children of Kapan needs your support!

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